9 Reasons Customers Will Leave Your Website in Less than 10 Seconds.

We surveyed 200 people, selected at random from all over the UK, and asked what would make them leave a website within ten seconds. Here’s what the survey revealed.

#1 Why are we waiting..?

72.64% said they would leave a website if the webpage was to slow to load

Anybody who has ever experienced delays, either being left hanging on the phone for your gas supplier, bank or even train delays, will be familiar with how quickly frustration turns to irritation and even anger.
There’s not a big difference when it comes to websites – except that with one click you can leave the website. Out of the 200 people we surveyed, an incredible 73% – that’s nearly three quarters of visitors – will leave a site if it takes too long to load.

#2 Don’t stop me now!

51.74% said they would leave a website because of Pop-ups!

Just over half of the people we surveyed said that pop-ups on a website would make them leave. While we think pop-ups can be very useful they have to be done in a way that wont make the user close down the browser.

#3 Why doesn’t this just work!

48.76% said they would leave if the website was broken in some way.

Anybody who has found a web page is broken in some way can be painful.
In our survey we found that almost half of all respondents reported that a website that was broken in any way would leave them rushing for the exit.

#4 Sign here please…

Sign ups are an important method for building your audience, but it is essential to follow online etiquette. Demanding immediate customer registration can cost up to half your visitors according to our survey.

#5 Is this the way to Amarillo?

Most of us no doubt know the lyrics, but who knows where to actually find Amarillo?
Over 35% of people said that bad navigation is their biggest put off.

#6 News cobwebs

Very old pieces of news and out of date content can easily suggest that the website or even your business is no longer active and put off almost a third of visitors instantly.

#7 Poor mobile experience

The majority of viewers now browse websites on mobile devices, and expect to have a great browsing experience. If you don’t serve your customers a great mobile version of your site, as many as a quarter will leave immediately.

#8 Wot’s luv got to do wiv it?

When it comes to the copy on your website, an awful lot. Of the two hundred people we surveyed, 1 in 5 people said that they weren’t feeling the love when it comes to typos. Ensuring the spelling, punctuation and grammar on your site is perfect may be a daunting task, but it could clearly be well worth the investment.

#9 Getting to know you

At number 9 in our survey and a key off-putter for 15% of visitors is failing to offer your customers a chance to get to know you – that is, not having an easy to find ‘About us’ page.
It’s no surprise really that people would want to know who they are dealing with (as well as a legal requirement for certain information to be publicly accessible), and yet many websites are still weak in this area.

The round up
If no one is working to keep your website up-to-date and constantly testing the above, you may be losing business.
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