30% of people will leave your site if your news is out of date

According to a recent survey*, 30% said they will leave a website within ten seconds if the news is out of date.

Added trust

If the purpose of your website is to attract and win customers, it is important to give the right impression from the outset. If your website is clearly not kept up to date, visitors will immediately question whether or not your website (and possibly your business) is still active. They will also consider the reliability of any other information on your website. 

Added value

One single blog post can also attract many different customers. A single blog can be used for your email marketing, social media posts and is very useful for search engines.

Added interest

Many people might be thinking about using your service, or buying from you. A blog can generate interest at different levels of a purchasing stage. So let’s say your trying to sell holidays. If you’re trying to compete with other companies for “Holidays In Devon” then it’s going to be a very costly marketing exercise. However, a blog about “20 Myths and Legends of Devon” could catch a reader’s eye on social media and increase your brand awareness.
There are several ways the team at Pop Creative can write and distribute content for your business.

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* Survey of 200 randomly selected people from across the UK.

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