About Pop

Our agency was set up in 2003. We have grown to a team of 11 people and support a wide range of clients/websites on a monthly basis. What separates our digital agency from others is our continued focus on website performance and creative content creation. Building a new website is just the beginning.

Why do our clients choose us?

Guaranteed Fast Support and Amends – We offer our clients 24/7 customer support. We run a very effective ticketing system that we guarantee a response to any issues within a few hours of an issue being raised.

Creative Content – Each month we produce a vast amount of content for our clients websites and social media. The content includes blogs, website banners, offers and news.

Understanding data – After over 15 years of analysing data we can quickly spot where improvements need to be made on a website. We can also spot any issues. This isn’t something that’s requested from our clients, it's something we proactively do.

Research – All of our amends are backed up with scientific data. We not only track exactly what is happening on our clients website, we also run surveys to ask users if they are finding the information they were looking for.

Split testing – To make sure our design amends are correct we split test them. This means we run two different versions of a page. For example: Version A with a bright red button and Version B with a green button. We send half the traffic to one page and half the traffic to another and we see which type people seem to prefer.

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