How User Interviews Helped Discover Chris’ Reasons for Not Enquiring

His Background Chris is browsing online for a new selection of wines to try at his next family dinner party. He doesn’t know a lot about the intricacies of winery, he knows the difference between white and red and that’s pretty much the extent of his knowledge. He wants to find some that you won’t […]

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How UX Research Helped Reveal Mark’s Issues with a Site’s Header

His Background Mark is looking for a new job as a HR consultant and has over 12 years experience from his previous two jobs. He is looking to upgrade to a medium sized company rather than a small local company in order to challenge himself and gain further experience in his field of work.  His […]

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Why a Lack of Visual Aids Stopped Bella From Enquiring

Her Background Bella is looking for a new dentist in her area that can help improve her smile. She has struggled with her confidence for years and has finally decided to take the plunge and look into straightening them. With being in her late 20s, she would prefer it to be something less visible than […]

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How a User Interview Helped Uncover Frank’s Issues with a Site

His Background Frank has just bought a new bike for himself. He is looking for a protection kit in order to prevent any scratches and to keep it looking new for as long as possible. He doesn’t know a lot about bikes, as he is relatively new to the hobby, but has been recommended by […]

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How User Research Helped Find Chloe’s Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Her Background Chloe has always wanted to own her own business. However, she knows this has a lot of risks attached to it financially. She has recently finished a course in business so decides it would be safer to look into franchising, as a way of managing a business whilst eliminating the amount of personal […]

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Why Poor Design Choices & Unclear Copy Stopped Stuart From Enquiring

His Background Stuart is looking for an experienced Gas Safe registered plumber to fix his boiler that has stopped working since this morning. He needs it fixed by tomorrow as he has his in-laws staying over for the weekend, so is looking for a business that does emergency callouts. He starts browsing online for a […]

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How Lack Of Social Proof Affected Adele’s Decision To Buy

Her Background Adele is looking for a subscription service for some homemade meal kits. She wants to learn more about cooking and thinks this is a great first step toward achieving her goals. Her husband is gluten intolerant, so this is a key part of her search. She starts browsing online for different options.  Her […]

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How Changing a Filter Option Helped Pete’s Product Search

His Background Pete is looking for some new curtains whilst renovating his house. He likes to buy from places that are local to him to help small businesses keep afloat, so he browses online for fabric shops in his area. His Actions He is browsing on his mobile because he does not own a computer. […]

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