How to hook up Google Tag Manager consent tools with Cookiebot

In the second part of our two-part blog, now that we have learnt how to use Google Tag Manager (GTM) effectively, we will be discussing the implications of not complying with GDPR and how you can use Tag Manager’s consent tools to ensure tags are being fired in a GDPR compliant way. The Implications of […]

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How we use Google Tag Manager effectively

Want to know how to use Google Tag Manager effectively? This blog is part of a 2-part blog and helps to explain what GTM is, what it helps resolve and the benefits we’ve found from using it that will help you and your business. In the second part, we discussed the implications of GDPR and […]

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Is Bionic Reading effective? Find out with our quick test.

You may be one of the many people who used to enjoy reading, you read a lot when you were younger or you just don’t have the time to read anymore. It might not be through a lack of trying. You set yourself up in bed, lamp on and book in hand alongside all the […]

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Core Vitals – What’s a good score and how did 70 Dental Websites do?

What are Core Web Vitals? Core Web Vitals are a set of standardised metrics from Google that help developers understand how users experience a web page. While Core Web Vitals were created for developers, these tools can be used by all site owners because they break down the user’s real-world experience on a page. Core […]

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15 Private Dental Sites Ranked By Some Basic User Experience

Our background in the dental industry Pop has been working within the dental industry since 2010… We started working with dental practices when we teamed up with Practice Plan (the UK’s number one provider of practice-branded dental membership plans). We were responsible for building websites for Practice Plan, and during our time with them, we […]

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How to ensure your traffic is accurate in Google Analytics

If you’ve delved into the world of web analytics, you have most likely heard of Google Analytics (if you haven’t, then I think you need to get a spell checker or something because something’s not quite right). Launched in 2005, it quickly became the most widely used web analytics service on the web, with GA4 […]

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What’s New in the Latest WordPress 6.0 Update?

At Pop Creative, we are WordPress specialists. That’s why we keep updated with all the latest updates and showcase the new and improved benefits, both to help our clients and us as a team. WordPress 6.0 includes over 400 updates, 500 bug fixes and 91 new features – all in this one release. 1 Don’t […]

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Join Pop Creative’s Website Research Panel Today

Being a part of our Research Panel is your chance to share your thoughts, ideas and opinions with us by participating in our research. You won’t have to partake in every project, each of our research studies is different so you can choose the ones you’ll find most interesting. What’s in it for you? →  […]

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