How Details About a 0% Finance Option Affected Carly’s Purchase

Her Background Carly is browsing for some outdoor furniture for her business. She runs a nursery and their old furniture is in need of replacing. She is looking for something with 0% finance in order to split out the payments to make them more manageable. This will be a key part in her decision making. […]

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Why the Tone of a Dental Site Caused Melissa Not to Enquire

Her Background Melissa recently moved to a new area and is looking for a reliable dentist. Like many people, she is afraid of the dentist and is quite a nervous patient. She is apprehensive about the change and wants to ensure the one she chooses is right for her. She browses some reviews on Google.  […]

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How User Research Helped Uncover & Solve Graham’s Homepage Struggles

Graham’s Background Graham is looking for a new mobility scooter for his wife. He has a quick scan of some reviews on Google and finds a reputable company that he hasn’t heard of before, so he wants to give them a go. As he is looking whilst on his break at work, he doesn’t have […]

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The Pop Website Guide to Marginal Gains & Continuous UX Improvement

Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “change for the better” or “continuous improvement.” At Pop, we work on the principle that a successful website really comes from marginal gains & continuous improvement. Improving text, speed, structure, images, forms, graphics, animation, security…the list goes on. The theory of 1% improvement on hundreds of small items on […]

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What is user experience (UX) & why focus on how people actually use your website

In 1993, Don Norman coined the term “user experience” for his group at Apple Computer. When he coined the term, he was talking about the whole experience from packaging to customer service. However, it’s nothing new. In 1955, industrial designer, Henry Dreyfuss, wrote “Designing For People”, in which he stressed the connection between people, their experience, […]

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6 Things I’ve Learnt About Landing Pages

Here I am now in March 2021, and I think I’m finally at the point where I can talk about landing pages without having a crisis. It may have taken me a while to get my head around (and it still confuses me sometimes now) but I’ve discovered some key features of a landing page […]

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5 Things I’ve Learnt Working at Pop

Before I start I had better introduce myself (if I still remember how to do that from pre-lockdown). My name’s Sophie and I started working at Pop as a UX copywriter in July last year. As it’s now been a few months of working here, I thought I’d share 5 things that I’ve learnt so […]

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Google’s New Algorithm 2021: Page Experience

Estimated reading time 2 minutes In 2021 Google will be rolling out one of the biggest algorithm updates in a long time. Due to the coronavirus, they have pushed this back, however, what is interesting is they have given details and dates of what’s happening….which is unusual. So what is the Page Experience update and […]

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