Consultancy & UX Research

What are the most important changes you can make to your checkout, navigation, search, product pages, and mobile User Experience? What are the biggest issues your customers have, and what is stopping them from buying? What are the biggest mistakes you are currently making?

We help you answer those questions by providing a full-site desktop and mobile UX audit. This contains a 60+ page audit report with 40 prioritised suggestions for improvements. These include:

Customer journey analysis

Is the journey smooth from start to finish?

User segmentation, data research & full report

Looking at user intentions & demographics

Integrity of Data

Accurate data researched by us from your current website Google analytics. (what should you be tracking and is the data correct)

User Experience copy suggestions

Making your text snappy and engaging

Wireframes & designs

Combining beautiful designs with higher conversions

User customer research interview + video recordings

Get an insight into your customer's experience

Best-in-class experience + comparison

Comparing your site to the best in your industry

So, do not delay and engage Pop Creative in your marketing plan and you will not regret it. This has been my own experience. I wish I knew of them much earlier as I would have saved thousands of ££ and loads of wasted time!

Dr. Hani Namih

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