Customer Stories

How InvisiFrame Used User Testing to Improve Their User’s Understanding

Imagine you’re buying a new pair of shoes. You try them on because you want to make sure they fit and suit you. You might even ask your friend for a second opinion before you buy them. They like them but think they’d look better in a different colour. You agree, you also think there […]

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How Aico Transformed Site Views Into Human Beings.

You know you’ve got a great website. You’ve recently had it redesigned and you’re very happy with it. It’s got new animations, it’s all colour coordinated, it’s (no, you are definitely not biased) a masterpiece. Plus, you can see that you’re getting a lot of traffic. Everything’s going your way. But you find you keep […]

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How User Insights Helped Stella Maris Increase Leads

Imagine you’re in a shop looking for some new gardening equipment, but you’re on a tight schedule. You search for what feels like hours and you can’t find it anywhere. You can’t see a store assistant, so you have no choice but to abandon your mission. You can’t prove it, but you swear you hear […]

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