How User Insights Helped Stella Maris Increase Leads

Imagine you’re in a shop looking for some new gardening equipment, but you’re on a tight schedule. You search for what feels like hours and you can’t find it anywhere. You can’t see a store assistant, so you have no choice but to abandon your mission. You can’t prove it, but you swear you hear the weeds in your garden cheering with joy all the way from your house.

Little do you know, there is a garden section tucked away at the back of the shop. There were no signs to tell you it was there and as a result the shop has lost your valuable custom.

This is the type of thing that could be happening on your website. You might offer an amazing deal or benefit, but if it’s not highlighted- then who’s going to see it?

Stella Maris
Industry: Health Care
Company Size: Small
Company Type: B2C

Stella Maris is a dental practice located in the West Midlands. We have been working with them since 2016 and have had a great working relationship with them since.

We started by running a survey on their website to ask users what information they thought was missing on the treatment pages. We found that users often said prices. However, from further research, we also found that users were price sensitive. This meant just showing prices wasn’t enough. We needed a solution.

For most of their procedures such as Dental Implants, they offer a 0% finance option. However, this was not prominently showcased, so it was often missed and not utilised.

We redesigned their page. Now, they have a section on their homepage showing the 0% finance option. They also have a pop up to clearly advertise the ‘Smile Now, Pay Later’ option.

Making the offer more obvious to the consumer meant that more people were able to manage their payments. This was due to the 24 monthly installments option now visibly displayed. By adding this, we increased enquiries by around 45%.

This was a small change made by Pop which led to big results.

What did we learn?

Through working with Stella Maris, we learned that the small changes are as important as the big ones. We wouldn’t have been able to identify the issue by looking at the data, we had to find the issue from their site users. We didn’t have to invent anything new for it was already on the site. You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds to improve your site and business. It could be something that’s right under your nose.

If you’re interested in Pop helping to increase the amount of enquiries you receive, get in touch.

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