How Aico Transformed Site Views Into Human Beings.

You know you’ve got a great website. You’ve recently had it redesigned and you’re very happy with it. It’s got new animations, it’s all colour coordinated, it’s (no, you are definitely not biased) a masterpiece. Plus, you can see that you’re getting a lot of traffic. Everything’s going your way.

But you find you keep asking yourself: Why am I STILL not getting any enquiries?

A great question. At Pop we know an effective way to start unravelling this mystery.

You need to find out about the people visiting your website.

It sounds obvious and you’ve probably made a pretty good guess of who this is already. But with Pop, you don’t need to guess.

Industry: Consumer products.
Company size: Small
Company type: B2B

Aico is an Ei company and focuses on domestic fire and Carbon Monoxide protection.

We started working with Aico at the start of the year. We found that they had a lot of traffic going to their site, but like so many other businesses they didn’t know anything about the people who were visiting.

We know how important this is, so we created a survey for Aico’s site to find out information on who was visiting. We didn’t need to use any fancy formulas, we just asked one simple question: ‘Who are you representing?’

From this, we had over 1000 responses. We found that 42% of users were electricians and 34% were members of the public.

Once Aico knew this, it allowed them the opportunity to create a survey bespoke to those users. They could get an insider insight on any ways they could improve the user experience. The content on the site could then be changed to appeal to the audience they were now aware of.

By turning their data into information, they were able to connect to their target audience.

What did we learn?

Through every client, we learn something to take onboard going forward. Aico was no exception. For almost every site we work on, we now do a similar survey to the one we did for them. It’s a simple thing that can be extremely profitable for the company, which we are all for.

If this sounds like something you think Pop can help you with too, get in touch.

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