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Data Science Talent specifies in helping companies find exceptional candidates for their Data Science job vacancies.

Through completing a number of user interviews, we found a common issue was that users who were looking for a job in Data Science were landing on the page, not users who wanted to recruit Data Scientists. Because users were hitting the site for the wrong reasons, we needed to make their USPs clearer to help increase conversions. 

As you can see below, we did this in a number of ways:

  • Changing the header to be clearer and moving away from words like ‘Hiring’ toward phrases like ‘Delivering High Quality Candidates’.
  • Making the CTAs more visible in size and colour and changing the text to showcase the ‘Free strategy session’.
  • Adding a video of their CEO at the top explaining exactly what the company does in a short, digestible format.
  • Moving up the examples of companies they have helped previously and adding testimonials to help validate their claims.
  • Cutting down the copy in general so it is more concise and represents their USPs.

Before Treatment

After Treatment

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