InvisiFrame Bike Protection

InvisiFRAME is a small outdoor and sporting goods company based in Shrewsbury, UK. They provide a range of protection kits for your bike and have sold over 80,000 kits in their lifetime.

You might look below and think the original site looked fine, what’s our problem? A site may look great, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most effective in increasing conversions.

We produced a short questionnaire to recruit users and find out what they thought of the site. We found that InvisiFRAME had a wide range of users, from the bikers who knew all the technical jargon to those who just used their bike as a means to get from one place to the next. Because of the range of knowledge users had, a common theme we found was that many users were unable to understand some of the information on the product pages.

We combatted this problem in a number of ways:

  • On each product page, we have included 5 USPs in order to describe exactly what the products do and the benefits they will give to the customers.
  • We have added a ‘Tooltip’ next to the product options in order to give a little more detail to the user, if needed, about the difference between the two options.
  • We restyled the options so that they are clearer for a user to select the one they want.
  • Removed a lot of the technical terms or added universal, easy to understand descriptions.

Before Treatment

After Treatment

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