How Lack Of Social Proof Affected Adele’s Decision To Buy


3 mins

Her Background

Adele is looking for a subscription service for some homemade meal kits. She wants to learn more about cooking and thinks this is a great first step toward achieving her goals. Her husband is gluten intolerant, so this is a key part of her search. She starts browsing online for different options. 

Her Actions

There are a few brands that she has heard of through her friends and that she has seen a couple of adverts for on Facebook. Whilst she is browsing however, she finds one she has not heard of before that she likes the look of. It includes a variety of recipes that she would be interested in trying, including a variety of gluten free options suitable for her husband.  

However, she can’t seem to find any reviews on the website to back up their claims. This causes her concern, as she knows that the other brands she has heard of are reputable. She doesn’t want to invest money into something she is unsure about, especially with the amount of scams going around lately. She checks Google, and still does not find any signs of reviews. She decides to look more into the brands she is aware of that have a greater selection of reviews and she knows she can trust. 

The Outcome

The business was in fact legit and would have been a great choice for Adele, but because it had only launched recently and had not had a chance to update its site. 

This meant that they lost an online sale because of a lack of social proof.

94% of online shoppers reported that a negative review has convinced them to avoid visiting a business. If there are no reviews on a website, a user will tend to think it’s either because they are full of bad reviews, or that they are not a legitimate company.

The Resolution

A quick resolution to this issue would be to add social proof to the site’s homepage to help increase the credibility of the business. 

It may not seem like a top priority when first starting up a business, but even for a relatively new brand, online reviews can be just as important to users as recommendations from friends and family. It also gives customers who have been satisfied with the business an easy opportunity to praise their positive experience.

Through user testing, we have found that simply adding reviews alone to a homepage can increase conversions by 132%.

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