How User Interviews Helped Discover Chris’ Reasons for Not Enquiring


3 mins

His Background

Chris is browsing online for a new selection of wines to try at his next family dinner party. He doesn’t know a lot about the intricacies of winery, he knows the difference between white and red and that’s pretty much the extent of his knowledge. He wants to find some that you won’t be able to find in the local supermarket, in order to impress his in-laws. 

His Actions

He finds a website with a large selection of Argentinian wines. The design of the site clearly shows that they are professional through the tons of incredible imagery. They are also highly regarded, both by established magazines where they have won an award for The Best Specialist Retailer South America and by the public, with 98% of reviews recommending the company on Trustpilot.

Although it is clear the company has a variety of great products, there is a lack of information for those users who are not familiar with the world of wine. They have great descriptions next to the products, but don’t explain what makes these wines unique or what wine would compliment which meal, etc.


Through user interviews, we were able to find the reasons why Chris did not order any of the products. He had gone into the website blind and left the site just as so, causing doubt in his mind and that he didn’t want to risk spending a lot of money on something he wasn’t sure on.

Watching as a user tries to navigate a site is incredibly useful, as it highlights key areas that may need work and makes us see things that we may not have thought about otherwise. This allowed us to find key pain points that Chris felt and gave us specific areas of the site to focus and improve on.


The main pain point from the user interview was that Chris felt excluded from the site and that you had to be specialised in wine in order to understand the content. By providing more detail regarding the benefits of each wine in comparison to wines from other continents, it allows all users to understand the unique selling points of the business. 

Using imagery to pair certain wines with specific meals would also entice users into ordering as they would know when would be best to drink them, giving them more preparation and dinner ideas. 

Adding some extra content on the site using things like blog posts also gives people who would like it the option for extra information regarding specific regions. 


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