How User Research Helped Find Chloe’s Missing Piece of the Puzzle


3 mins

Her Background

Chloe has always wanted to own her own business. However, she knows this has a lot of risks attached to it financially. She has recently finished a course in business so decides it would be safer to look into franchising, as a way of managing a business whilst eliminating the amount of personal risks attached. 

Her Actions

She browses online and applies for a number of companies. She is particularly interested in one that is local to her that is also within her price range. When she reaches their website, she sees that it is clear and informative, providing detailed descriptions regarding the costs involved, potential schedules and the responsibilities of a franchisee. This increases her trust with the company which is important, especially because becoming a franchisee is such an investment.

She decides to get in touch by filling out the form on their homepage. However, it was unclear when and how the company would get in touch with her regarding the enquiry. Once she pressed submit, a page appeared to inform her that her submission had been accepted but it lacked any detail on what would happen next. She assumes that they would call her and goes on to browse other opportunities.

The Outcome

Once a form is submitted, the company will then email you to discuss a time that is suitable for you for them to call you back. However, there was no sign of this information on the thank you page. This meant that Chloe missed the email. Filling out the enquiry form was just the first step, which meant they lost a potential conversion.

The Resolution

Without user research, it would be hard to pinpoint what was causing users not to complete their enquiries, which is why it is so important. A resolution to this issue would be to add the next steps into the copy on the thank you page. This will ensure that there is no confusion with regards to how they will get in contact and will ensure that the conversion is carried out completely.

It’s also a great way to add any links to additional resources that may be useful for a potential enquirer, in order to sway their decision even further.

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