How User Research Helped Uncover & Solve Graham’s Homepage Struggles


3 mins

Graham’s Background

Graham is looking for a new mobility scooter for his wife. He has a quick scan of some reviews on Google and finds a reputable company that he hasn’t heard of before, so he wants to give them a go. As he is looking whilst on his break at work, he doesn’t have long to look. 

His Actions

He heads over to their website and is impressed by the design. He thinks the images are professional and showcase the products well, whilst the copy is detailed but concise.  

However, once he reaches the pricing structure, he finds it confusing. This makes him question whether the company is reputable if they are being coy about their pricing. It also isn’t clear what will happen after he gets in touch. Would they call him back? Would there be an email? Would they arrange a meeting? He grows frustrated and decides to look at another brand that has clearer prices and communication.

The Outcome

As his wife has struggled a lot when coming off kerbs and turning on tight pavements whilst on her scooter, the brand he chose not to go with would have been more suitable for her. They had added features available which would have proved a great solution to her current problems, but the miscommunication led him to mistrust the site. 

This meant that the site lost a conversion due to a lack of information on pricing and about the next steps following on from his initial interaction.

The Resolution

Without user research, the company would have no idea that this was the reason Graham did not convert. Through user-testing and interviews, these crucial details are able to be uncovered. It gives us an insight into the intentions of the users and how we can improve the experience for them to ultimately boost sales. 

Changing the design so that the pricing is clearer and including a step-by-step guide to what will happen once getting in touch were a quick resolution to this issue. This way, there are no misinterpretations and the customer knows what to expect next, meaning they won’t be deterred from looking further into the brand and getting in touch.

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