How UX Research Helped Reveal Mark’s Issues with a Site’s Header


3 mins

His Background

Mark is looking for a new job as a HR consultant and has over 12 years experience from his previous two jobs. He is looking to upgrade to a medium sized company rather than a small local company in order to challenge himself and gain further experience in his field of work. 

His Actions

He finds a company that looks great. They have over 300 employees which is 30 times the amount at his current job, which is just what he is looking for. He sees from their homepage that they have worked with some top well known brands and have some great reviews from clients, showing that they are reputable. 

However, despite the header stating ‘High-performance HR Hiring’, after reading more of the content he realises that this company is aimed at companies who are trying to fill a HR vacancy, rather than a company that is looking to recruit a HR consultant. He is left confused and leaves the site in search of a company that actually has vacancies available. 

The Outcome

The company that Mark was using was a HR recruitment agency, however, they did also have some job opportunities advertised on their site across the world. Despite this, the copy at the top of the page was misleading which meant Mark left the site frustrated without enquiring.

User research helps to clearly specify who users are, meaning a company will be able to authentically connect with users so they will be more likely to use their service. Through user research and interviews, we found that the conversion rate for this site was so low because many users that reached the site were actually looking for a job, rather than looking for someone to fill a vacancy for them. 

It is hard to identify the possible variables that could push a user toward abandoning their enquiry during the design phase. Having a user insight helps to identify why users are dropping off and means focus can be put on the areas that are causing confusion and ultimately increase conversions. 

The Resolution

Did you know that 74% of business owners see an increase in sales after improving their UX? A resolution to this company’s problem would be to clearly differentiate between the HR job vacancies and the HR recruitment opportunities from the second users reach the homepage. Having a homepage where both are advertised but having two separate pages for each will mean that users who are in search of a job will go to one specific webpage and those who are in search for a recruiter will go to the other, specifying why users are there and making conversions more likely. 

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