What’s New in the Latest WordPress 6.0 Update?

At Pop Creative, we are WordPress specialists. That’s why we keep updated with all the latest updates and showcase the new and improved benefits, both to help our clients and us as a team.

WordPress 6.0 includes over 400 updates, 500 bug fixes and 91 new features – all in this one release. 1 Don’t worry, we’re not going to through every one (we’d be here until the next update) so here’s just a few that we are particularly excited about…

Theme variations within a single theme

With the new and intuitive style switcher, you can change the colour palette, font style and weight within a theme at the click of a button. This is great if you like the look of a theme, but want to see alternatives quickly – saving us time and allowing clients to see options clearly, which is great to showcase live during meetings.

A screenshot showing a new font family in Twenty Twenty-Two.


Here’s an example of the above theme with colour and font variations using the quick buttons on the righthand side.

An image showing a style variation with a custom font in WordPress 6.0.


Improvements to the User Interface


The ability to export block themes

Any templates, layouts and style changes you make to a theme can now be saved and exported to a ‘.zip’ file. This is great for visual theme building, with no coding knowledge required thanks to the easy to use blocks!

To export a theme:

  1. Go to your site editor
  2. Click on the 3 dots icon in your top right corner.
  3. A menu should appear a menu with the option to download your theme.


Locking blocks

You can now disable the option to move a block, remove a block, or both. This means we can now give more access to clients without worrying about them accidentally breaking or removing something important on the site – creating more opportunities for a collaborative approach.

Locking a group of blocks.

For even more information, take a look at the blogs below:

1 https://yoast.com/wordpress-6-0/
2 https://wordpress.org/news/2022/05/arturo/
3 https://kinsta.com/blog/wordpress-6-0/


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