Website User Experience (UX) & CRO

User Experience is about focusing on the user and their journey whilst browsing your site, and then measuring it. It is made up of all the interactions a user has with your site. The idea is to design it so their experience is smooth and enjoyable.

What we ask when we first start working with a client is: ‘How can we make the experience of the visitors as meaningful and valuable as possible?’

Whether you’re building, designing and deploying a website from scratch or you’re deploying onto a new platform, these are not in themselves the absolute solutions to your UX issues. It’s only part of the process. Real UX work should start now, by seeing how people are using your website. This will also help, massively, if you are re-deploying your website. Research helps to substantiate your assumptions (or make you rethink them altogether).

Services We Provide

Usability testing

Testing your site with real users to evaluate its ease of use.

Page Usability

Looking at feedback from our research methods (such as user testing and click-maps) to identify user responses; where they click and how far they scroll.

Ongoing customer journey analysis

Does the journey stay smooth from start to finish?

UX copy and designs

Snappy and engaging text paired with creative, user-centric designs.

Running A/B tests

Testing 2 versions of a site design with users to see which is more effective.

Web vitals checks & fixes

These consist of: Monitoring performance to ensure users are able to interact with your page, monitoring accessibility for users of all abilities, following best practices to improve code health & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Unlimited Support Amends & Dev

We have a 24/7 ticketing system to ensure we are available to support you in any issues.

Security & DDOS standard protection

We use 'Cloudfare' to proactively protect you against Distributed Denial of Service.

Core & plugin updates

We apply the latest patches to WordPress & any plugins to keep your site running securely.

Analytics integrity & monitoring

Accurate data researched by us and monitoring Google Analytics to understand what we should be focusing on.

Live uptime monitoring

Ensuring your website is accessible 24/7 through consistent monitoring.

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