Case Study

Helping Hexagon IT find their competitive edge through user research



Discover how we helped Hexagon IT, a London-based tech enterprise, redefine their value proposition and stand out from the competition. Through our user interviews, we revealed untapped market opportunities, leading to a breakthrough unique selling proposition (USP).


Hexagon IT


Copywriting, Unique Selling Points, Value Proposition

Tech Stack

Notion, QuickTime, Teams, Voice Memos, WordPress

The problem

What was the situation?

Hexagon IT, a small enterprise in London dedicated to providing high-end technology and security solutions to smaller companies, faced a challenge in identifying a compelling USP. While they possessed a passionate team and a commitment to fostering long-lasting client relationships, their service offerings didn’t clearly differentiate them from the competition.

Our solution

The user interview process became a critical tool for problem-solving and innovation at Hexagon IT. By genuinely listening to Mike’s experience and requirements, they identified a groundbreaking USP to focus on: offering non-expiring support hours. Implementing this into their service model, Hexagon IT could align more closely with the needs of their target audience. 

The insights from the user interview enabled them to effectively overhaul their website, emphasising this new USP to appeal to a broader clientele and reaffirm their mission of bringing large-scale IT solutions to small businesses. The interview thus played a key role in not only addressing Hexagon IT’s differentiation challenge but also in enhancing their website overall.

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