Case Study

Revitalising Engagement and Conversions for Ralph Christian



Ralph Christian, a renowned client in the digital space, approached us to enhance their website engagement and ultimately boost their conversion rates. Our challenge was to revamp their homepage banner to make it more engaging and effective.


Ralph Christian


CRO, Split Testing

The Problem

What was the issue?

Ralph Christian’s initial homepage banner, though functional, wasn’t engaging enough to draw significant user interaction. Our analysis indicated that a more dynamic and interactive banner could significantly improve user engagement and conversion rates.

To address this, we embarked on a multivariate test involving three innovative variations alongside the original design. The focus was to introduce a video background and revamp the banner’s copy to make it more appealing and relevant to the audience.

Our solution

We used the winning variant from the multivariate test and implemented it. The new homepage banner featured an engaging video background, coupled with refreshed and compelling copy.

The results were extremely positive:

– A 41.8% increase in homepage banner engagement.
– Conversion rate soared to 10.08% from the previous 7.11%.
– Successful orders increased by 6.02%.

This reinvention of the homepage banner not only achieved our primary goal of enhancing user engagement but also substantially improved the client’s conversion rates, illustrating the power of effective website optimisation.

Our strategic approach at Pop Creative not only tackled the immediate goal of increasing homepage banner engagement but also contributed to a significant improvement in overall business performance for Ralph Christian. This case study exemplifies our commitment to delivering impactful digital solutions that drive real business results.

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