Analysing User Behaviour to Improve Your Website Performance

By identifying user pain points using AI and human research, we align your website with user needs to create a seamless user experience and increase conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our most popular services

Wordpress Websites

Expert WordPress development for robust, versatile, and user-friendly websites tailored to your business needs.

Shopify Stores

Expertly crafting Shopify experiences that captivate customers and drive sales.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our approach goes beyond simply generating ideas; we use a research-led methodology that incorporates both quantitative and qualitative insights to ensure data-driven decision making.


Take your online presence to the next level with our customised SEO solutions, designed to help you establish a strong online presence, optimise your user experience and improve your search engine rankings.

Email Optimisation

Craft and optimize email campaigns that nurture leads and drive conversions.

Google Analytics 4

Setting up and leveraging Google Analytics 4 for in-depth website tracking and insightful data analysis.

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Brilliant CRO agency!

“I have been working with Pop Creative for about a year on landing pages for our B2B site. Their thorough analysis of the user experience across the site has helped us immensely to rebuild the entire site (including creative and content) and double our lead conversion. They go out of their way to bring value to their clients. An absolute pleasure to work with! Cannot recommend them highly enough.”

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Dijana Radisevic
Head of marketing
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Since the incorporation of Nexa Law

“Pop helped us develop a stylish and professional website and sorts out any updates required. We find the team responsive and keen to help whenever they can. I recommend Pop to businesses and individuals looking for a full digital agency package.”

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COO & Founder

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Optimising User Experience

Transform your website with personalised UX solutions

We produce and test new ideas to optimise your website’s performance. Through user research, we can help you to engage with your audience in a more meaningful way.


Data-driven improvements

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Identifying user groups
With the help of tools like Google Analytics, we can identify user groups and their behaviour patterns to gain a better understanding of their preferences to cater to their specific needs.
Individual user behaviour
We use methods like heatmaps to provide a visual representation of where users are clicking, scrolling, and spending the most time on your site, allowing us to identify areas of high and low engagement.
Following best UX practices
Using the laws of UX, such as Hick's Law and the Law of Proximity, we can create a visually appealing website guided towards efficiency and effectiveness.
Tested and proven ideas
We ensure that our decisions are based on evidence and data rather than assumptions. User interviews provide us with qualitative data that helps to fill in gaps and provide context to the quantitative data collected through A/B testing and analytics.

Behavioural Analysis

Understanding user behaviour

Analysing user behaviour helps us to identify key pain points and any opportunities to improve your website’s usability.

In-depth research and analysis.
We keep our approach aligned with best practices and industry standards to provide users with the best experience possible, utilising tools like Baymard to ensure our methodology is always on point.
Identify opportunities to improve.
We look at where users drop off in the user journey and how they interact with specific features to find and rectify key issues.
Create customised solutions.
We will address the pain points and frustrations of visitors, making it easier for them to navigate the website and make a purchase.
Constant monitoring.
Our iterative approach ensures that we're constantly improving and refining your website to provide the best user experience possible.

User-centred Design

User Journey Optimisation

Our services are designed to optimise your website's user journey and ensure that your visitors have a positive experience at every touchpoint.

Engaging user experience.
Optimise your website’s navigation and content to improve engagement and allow your users to easily achieve their goals.
Customer retention.
We identify opportunities for improvement in the user flow to keep your customers coming back.
Drive conversions.
Test and refine your user journey to achieve optimal results.

Research Led Experimentation

Optimising User Experience

We believe in a data-driven approach to design. That's why we test our ideas and ensure that they're effective in the real world, crafting a user experience that is memorable, intuitive, and aligned with your brand.

Tested with real users
Gather feedback to validate our ideas and UX designs so they are tailored to your target audience.
Remove barriers to conversions
Guide your users to where they need to go with effective copy, navigation and UX-design.
Innovate and test new ideas
Split testing two versions of your site to see which is more effective at increasing conversions.

Search Engine Optimisation

Boost your online visibility

Improve your website's visibility with our SEO services. We'll optimise your website's content, structure and overall performance to drive more traffic to your site.

Content gap analysis.
We identify the areas of your website that need improvement, including keyword ranking and fresh articles.
Build quality backlinks.
Improve your website’s authority to help you rank higher in search engine results pages.
Improve your Google Lighthouse scores.
Increase your website’s load speed, accessibility and performance to create a seamless user experience.


We have worked with hundreds of amazing people

“Pop Creative have completely redesigned our website and introduced Search Engine Optimisation and targeted marketing campaigns which have proven to be advantageous to our business and good value for money.”


Griffiths Hire Shops

“The team at Pop Creative are amazing we have worked with them for many years and they just get better.”

Sharon El-Nashar
Sharon El-Nashar
El-Nashar Dental

“Pop Creative have been working with us for almost a year. From the start, they have demonstrated a level of flair, committment and expertise that has totally justified us putting our business with them.”

Rob Wells
Robert Wells

“We have worked closely with Pop creative and the results have been great and evident, so far so good! we are even getting feedback from customers which is awesome and also our visibility in the online world has propelled our business. Much recommended”

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Rebecca Morris
The Barn Dental

Our stats speak for themselves



Since 2009 we have worked across many industries with hundreds of clients.

4.2 million+

User experiences optimised in 2022

In 2022 we optimised over 4 million sessions across our clients websites


Support Requests & Emails in 2022

On average we deal with almost 4000 requests and emails with our clients, we always aim to resolve these for our clients as soon as possible.

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What we offer

  • Align your products and services to user needs
  • Improve your website visibility & traffic
  • Test your site with real users
  • Data-driven UX design
  • Keep your website functioning at its best
  • Insight into your customer’s experience
  • Optimise your customer’s user journey
  • Optimise your website for search engines
  • Project your unique selling points
  • Monthly meetings to analyse progress
  • Snappy and engaging copy
  • Get new ideas to enhance your website
  • Relevant articles to attract your target audience
  • Social media to enhance your brand awareness
  • Ensure your website is accessible 24/7
  • Personalisation to engage and guide users

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