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How experimenting with Smart Currency Exchange's landing page created impressive results



Discover how we harnessed the power of partnerships in this case study with Smart Currency Exchange. Leveraging their existing partnership with the well-known Rightmove brand, we redesigned their landing page to amplify trust and recognition. Read on to learn how we achieved some impressive outcomes.


Smart Currency Exchange


Split Testing

Tech Stack

Convert, Javascript

The problem

What was the situation?

Our client was experiencing relatively low user engagement and conversions on their landing page, despite having a guide that was valuable to users. They believed that the page’s branding did not resonate with their target audience and wanted to improve these metrics. They needed a solution that would not only improve their branding but also increase user engagement and decrease bounce rates.

We formed a hypothesis that aligning the landing page branding more closely with Rightmove, a well-known partner brand, would increase user engagement and conversions due to the increased trust and recognition that comes with a recognisable brand. To test this hypothesis, we redesigned the landing page to reflect Rightmove’s branding without altering the core content or the form for users to complete.

Our primary goals were to:

The outcome

Our hypothesis was confirmed with promising results:

  • Guide Thank You Page: There was a significant +48.07% improvement in users viewing the thank you page for the guide. The conversion rate increased from 9.49% to 14.04%, with a confidence level of 97.18%.
  • Bounce rate: We managed to reduce the bounce rate by +6.61%. 
  • User engagement: We saw a remarkable +311.37% boost in user engagement. 
  • Scrolled 50%: There was a -28.81% decrease in users who scrolled 50% of the page. The conversion rate went from 26.83% to 19.10%, with a 99.33% confidence level.

The client was thrilled with the results and requested an immediate stop to the test to implement the changes on the landing page. The revamped branding and style significantly boosted user engagement and conversions without changing the conversion type or user completion form.



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