Case Study

How we revamped conversion traffic for Drive Electric



Drive Electric wanted to improve their conversion tracking accuracy, so they asked us to move their conversion tracking to GA4. The project also included setting up more conversion tracking for different ad channels like LinkedIn, Google, and Microsoft Ads, and making a special category for users who visit the EDF version of the site.


Drive Electric



Tech Stack

DotDigital, GA4, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn, Microsoft Ads

The problem

What was going wrong?

Drive Electric were having problems setting this up themselves due to Google signals being enabled which was causing thresholding to be applied to their data. With thresholding applied some of their conversion events were not being displayed within GA4 leading them to believe the tracking setup wasn’t working correctly.

Once we identified this issue we were able to swap the reporting identity to device based so that we would be able to see these conversions and ensure that any future tracking was working correctly.

We also needed to setup this additional tracking without backend access to the site. To achieve this we used GTM to create the GA4 event tags and triggers in a robust way so that future development changes were not likely to break this. We also provided them with full documentation regarding how their tracking was now implemented so that they could account for any required changes and avoid breaking any existing tracking triggers.

The outcome

The improved method enabled detailed transfer of GA4 conversions to Google Ads and added tags for Microsoft Ad and LinkedIn conversions. This not only fixed the previous issues but also gave a clear and detailed view of the conversion events.

By successfully setting up strong triggers and creating specific audiences in GA4, Drive Electric could effectively distinguish between their main audiences and identify any discrepancies. This accurate data helped in making informed decisions and improved Drive Electric’s overall efficiency.

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