How InvisiFrame Used User Testing to Improve Their User’s Understanding

Imagine you’re buying a new pair of shoes. You try them on because you want to make sure they fit and suit you. You might even ask your friend for a second opinion before you buy them. They like them but think they’d look better in a different colour. You agree, you also think there is a little too much going on with the decoration. You decide not to buy.

Do you wish there was a way you could tell the designer why you didn’t buy them and they could use your feedback to improve their shoes?

This is why we run user tests for websites. We want to find out why users might be leaving your website without making a purchase. They can provide us with valuable insights to what may not be working on your site, so we can change them to help improve future sales.

Industry: Consumer Products
Company size: Small
Company type: B2C

InvisiFrame is an outdoor and sporting goods company. Their mission is to protect and minimise general trail wear, scuffs, abrasions and stone chips on your bike, to help keep it looking newer for longer.

As part of the research on the InvisiFrame website, we uncovered some issues users were having with not being able to understand some of the information on the page.

While visiting the website, some users got confused by some of the information on the product pages. This was leading the users to become frustrated and abandoning their purchase (even though one of the users we interviewed had been recommended the product by a fellow biker).

By making changes to the information on these sections, we have not only increased the conversion rate of the website but we have created a better user experience.

What did we learn?

When we work with clients we have a number of ways to find out what information we should be including on the website and how a website should be structured. We don’t start with the data as this will only tell you one part of what we want to know. For this website, we learnt that there is a spectrum of users. Some with a lot of knowledge, but some that need to be taught. The language used needed to work for all levels of understanding. Is your website the same? We can help.

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