What we do to optimise your website

Are you worried that your website isn’t performing to its best ability?
It is very important that your website is kept optimised as it is often the first contact people will have with your business. We can take care of this for you!
We will optimise your website by taking care of many different areas surrounding the site, ensuring it is a part of your business that you’re proud to show off.


Pop Creative believe in working closely with you to optimise your site. We welcome you to come to us with ideas and job requests for us to action and offer all of our clients 24/7 customer support. Using a very effective ticketing system, we guarantee a response to each ticket raised within a matter of hours. We will make sure you are kept updated throughout the progression of each ticket.

User Experience Testing

We make sure we have a broad understanding of your website and what users are doing during their visit. Using heatmaps, we can view clicks, taps and scrolling behaviour. We set up recordings of real website visitors in order to gain an accurate picture of what visitors are doing. Also, we set up conversion funnels, run website surveys and recruit people to let us know what issues they are encountering.

Performance Optimisation

Your website will be constantly monitored and tested by us to find areas that we can develop. Whether it’s through big or small changes, we will refine a page to improve its conversion rate. By carrying out the User Experience Testing, we can pinpoint the areas that need improving and will often run A/B Split testing to see which version of the page is performing best.


A big part of what we do is to maintain the security of your website. We perform regular software updates, make daily site backups and carry out security audits. These tasks are critical for making sure your website continues to run securely and smoothly. A website that is running out of date software will be more open to security breaches.

Website and Email Surveys

Collecting the opinions of real-life website users can be crucial to optimising your site. We use on-site surveys to collect feedback from your potential customers. By asking questions such as “Did you find everything you were looking for today?” gives the customer the opportunity to give you valuable feedback, just like it would in a physical shop. We can also send out email surveys once people have made an enquiry or purchase.


We have put together an on-site SEO checklist that we follow for all of our websites. We will go through all of your pages and ensure that they are correctly optimised for your target keywords. This is an essential and integral part of SEO. By monitoring your targeted keywords, we can make amends to areas such as titles and headings to boost your rankings.
If you would like more information on Pop Creative’s monthly packages, click here or click here to schedule a call with us.

The benefits of updating your website regularly

Your business is very important to you but how much care and attention do you pay to your website? In recent years, websites are often the first port of call between a potential customer and a business so first impressions really are everything.
An unsecured, out of date website could be what is holding back your business from growing to the next step.
In this blog post, we will explore ways that you can make your website stand out and set you apart from your competitors.

Update your website’s security

 The security of your website should be the highest priority when it comes to keeping it up to date.
It’s becoming common in the news to hear about large companies getting hacked and compromising personal information, which can damage their reputation and in turn, decrease the loyalty of their regular customers.
One of the main reasons that websites are unsecure is because of the vulnerability in the framework and platform that the site is built on.
At Pop Creative, our preferred platform is WordPress and this is for many reasons, the main one being their attention to detail when it comes to security. WordPress regularly release updates to improve the security of the websites.
It is highly important to ensure your website is running the latest version as websites that stay on older versions of WordPress are more likely to get hacked. This is because hackers can find out what WordPress version your website is on and worm their way in.

Keep your content fresh

It’s all well and good having a blog or news section on your website but according to a recent survey*, 30% of people will leave your website if it’s out of date.
Keeping your website content up to date helps to build trust between your business and its customers. Monthly blog posts will increase your credibility within your industry and people will rely on your website to provide them with useful and relevant information.
In the fast-paced modern world, it is imperative that your business is shown to be keeping up with the latest technology and trends. Updating information also helps to build domain authority on search engine results.
We can provide your business with a monthly package to ensure your blog area is kept fresh and exciting with a variety of content.

Updating your website’s design

One of the most important factors to address regarding your website is its design and navigation.
Some things to avoid are; difficult navigation, colour that are either too boring or too extravagant and unnecessarily long forms. These issues can turn customers away from your website, even if your content is excellent.
60% of all web traffic now originates from mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. If your website lacks in mobile friendliness, you could be missing out on 60% more potential customers.
When thinking about the design of your website, it is important to consider the needs of your target customer. Your content must be engaging, easy to access and relevant to your ideal customer. As your business grows, your website needs adapting to make room for those changes.
To summarise, the benefits of keeping your website up-to-date within the security, content and design are huge. We understand that for many companies, the thought of having to keep on track of these aspects as well as carrying out your other day to day duties can be very daunting.
Pop Creative are here to help. We can look after all of these areas and keep you updated in the process.
For more information or for a bespoke quote, email us at studio@popcreative.co.uk.

* Survey of 200 randomly selected people from across the UK

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